Breakfast Pops

Amazing yoghurt and granola breakfast pops. These pops are delicious anytime of day, but their wholesome ingredients make them a totally acceptable breakfast option. They are great in summer but sometimes you need a summer treat in winter.

Petit filous pots can be used but you can use any lolly mould.

You will need :
Greek yogurt sweetened with honey (honey is optional and can only be given after 1 years old)
berries and bananas (sliced)
Lolly moulds and sticks

Mix the Greek yoghurt, milk and honey. Kids can get involved and layer the fruit (use any fruit you like) and yoghurt. Tap the pot on the table to remove any air pockets. Top with granola (press down a bit) , add lolly stick and freeze for a few hours.

When you’re ready to enjoy this treat, simply run the outside of the moulds under some warm water and gently pull the lolly out.

Thank you @squashedpickle for the recipe.