Adventure Town Tales - Kit’s Kite

Kit and Kite played one day when a gust of wind blew Kite away.
Where will he go? What will he do? Adventures are waiting, come along too!
Fairgrounds, beaches and journeys galore, the sights and the sounds, so much to explore!
This book is extra special, it’s really like no other.
Read it, live it, feel it, by yourself or with another.

Embark on your brand-new storytelling experience through the enchanting pages of Adventure Town Tales: Kit’s Kite. This fully inclusive children's book is suitable for all children, neurotypical and neurodiverse and is designed to ignite imaginations, foster inclusivity and create an experience like no other.

Go beyond storytelling. As you turn each page, dive into an immersive world where you choose how you want to participate. Whether it's reading the story as a standalone adventure, following the physical actions to bring the narrative to life, or engaging with interactive sensory options, the possibilities are endless!

Let your child create their own unique experience and watch their imagination soar through vivid illustrations, engaging rhymes and their choice of adventure.

Don't miss out on this unforgettable book that will spark joy, inspire movement and create cherished memories!